Modular boxes are made of steel constructions that are sandblasted and sprayed to the required color. The roof is made of sandwich panels with a thickness of 40 mm, the color of the roof at the request of the customer. Lexan upper transillumination. Possibility to choose any variant of filling – spruce, red spruce, Douglas, Denya, plastic boards, plastic boards with a wood look. The floor is made of concrete with iron reinforcement. The minimum size of a modular container is 6 x 3m – that is, two boxes measuring 3 x 3m. We offer dimensions of 3 x 3m or 3 x 4m. Seamless transfer of modules to another place, the possibility of expanding the premises with additional modules. Layout according to the customer’s wishes. In formations I, L, U, H…, using spaces according to needs – tack room, washing room, solarium, feed storage..

Without the cost of a concrete slab, a reinforced surface is enough, simple installation, easy transportation. No assembly costs, as the modular boxes come already assembled.

Easier due to building permits.

Due to the massive construction, it is suitable for installing solar panels and photovoltaics.